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A Lake and a Beach for All Tempe to Enjoy


By Michael Monti and Dick Foreman

Tempe does a lot of things for other parts of the Valley, and that’s a good thing.

Arizona State University is in the heart of our community.

We import a lot of jobs each day into Tempe.

We built Town Lake which people from around the state enjoy every day.

The same goes for our Performing Arts Center.

But as we celebrate these achievements and others it is a fair question to ask if we can do more for our own citizens too? Can the features mentioned above somehow, some way be further utilized to enrich Tempe’s quality of life itself?

As long-time Tempe businessmen, school advocates and now candidates we think so.

Recently, we announced plans if elected, to establish the Valley’s first beach, on either the north or south side of Tempe Town Lake. We think this is a good initiative, whether we win or lose.

Like a new park, there it would be for Tempeans of all persuasions and means to enjoy. Barbeques. Tanning. Picnics. Fun.

The idea is this: sand is cheap. Making a small portion of the lake just off the beach “swimmable” ought not to be too expensive either. And whatever the expense we intend to look to the private sector, possible concessionaires or non-Tempean user fees to fund the improvements, not the taxpayer.

It took tremendous will and vision to get Tempe and its lake this far. Indeed, Tempe’s first Mayor Rudy Campbell was on hand at our announcement to talk about his excitement for this latest evolution.

There will always be great days roaming the beaches in San Diego and California. But with some leadership and innovation, we just may be able to create a uniquely Tempe experience that allow even more of us to enjoy Tempe investments.

If you’d like to learn more or get involved in this effort please get in touch with either one of us at  and